• Personal Safety and Situational Awareness

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    It is increasingly important for citizens of all walks of life to take control and ownership of their own safety.  We experience an unprecedented increase in virtually all crimes in South Africa and even internationally the picture does not encourage.  Equipping yourself with the knowledge regarding personal safety and situational awareness is the first step in preventing becoming a victim of crime.  Criminals are successful because they plan, why don’t we?
  • Basic Operational and Legal Principles

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    It is increasingly difficult for private security operational officials to fulfil their duties due to the level of violence against them and the sophistication of the criminal syndicates. There are no legislation empowering private security officials. It is for this reason that these officials must know and understand certain Common - and Statutory Law Principles. This training session will equip security officials with the necessary knowledge to execute their duties with confidence functioning within the scope of the Law.  
  • First responder managing a hostage related incident

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    The private security responders are more and more in the front-line when hostage incidents occur due to their contractual obligation and fast response to incidents. This necessitates standard operational procedures for first responders for their own safety, other responders, the public and those directly impacted by the incident. The knowledge gained with this course will equip the members to correctly assess, analyze and respond to hostage related incidents. This training session will also improve service delivery to clients and the community in high-risk incidents.